About Us
CSCC is a non-profit (501(c)(6) advocacy association that is self-funded by 19 member medical groups, including the California Association of Neonatologists. As a result, the Coalition represents over twenty five hundred pediatric subspecialty physicians. These pediatric medical groups are affiliated with nearly every Children’s hospital in the state of California. The Coalition, which solely represents the interests of pediatric subspecialists, is unprecedented in the United States.

To ensure that children and youth with complex health care needs have access to equitable, timely and high quality care, provided by pediatric subspecialists who are able to thrive in California’s health care environment, through strong leadership, education and advocacy.

All children with complex health care needs receive the right treatment, at the right time, at the right place, and from the right provider.

Key Objectives

  • Enhance our role as go-to thought leaders in increasing quality, equity, and access to health care for children with complex health care needs.
  • Educate and advocate for policies and practices that benefit children with complex health care needs, their families, and the physicians who specialize in their care.
  • Continue to build a sound organizational infrastructure to achieve our mission, vision, and goals.

Current Priorities

  • Improve quality and access for children and youth with complex health care needs in areas such as: behavioral health; enhanced care coordination; transition to adult care; CCS eligibility criteria; and palliative care and pain management.
  • Advance whole child approach as the standard of care for all children and youth with complex health care needs, which includes monitoring of implementation and potential expansion of DHCS Whole Child Model and the updating of CCS numbered letters and standards.
  • Advocate for codifying temporary telehealth flexibilities that have been granted during the COVID-19 public health emergency in order to expand the use of telehealth and reimbursement for it to improve access, and quality of care for children with complex health care needs.
  • Ensure sufficient public and private payer reimbursement to promote high quality and timely access to pediatric specialty care.
  • Advocate for expansion of workforce development programs and policies to promote sufficient supply of pediatric subspecialists and non-physician providers to ensure quality and access to care.
  • Provide guidance and monitor implementation on major state initiatives, including Medi-Cal RX, CalAIM, and Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan procurement, as it relates to children with complex health care needs.
  • Within the population of children and youth that our member physicians treat, support policies that improve health equity and reduce the effects of structural racism on health outcomes.
  • Provide education and advocate for targeted innovations, including the COVID-19 vaccine, where there is evidence-based value for children with rare and complex conditions.